Despite being the apparent solo author of each post, this blog is not all Dr. Dilts. A significant portion of it is also The Missus.

Dr. Dilts writes the posts. He became a doctor (the useless kind) in 2015 at the University of Oregon. He once worked as a mild-mannered mathematician by day, but is now a scientific software developer. Despite the best efforts of his middle and high school teachers, he discovered that math is awesome, and has decided that everyone else needs to know this too. His academic research was some combination of general relativity, differential equations and differential geometry, which he promises is super cool. He has an Erdős number of three.

The Missus is our resident artist. She contributes all the artwork, and is involved in editing as well. She stays home caring for The Epsilons1 every day, and thus keeps insanely busy making sure none of them die. When not preventing death, epic injury or house fires, The Missus also enjoys reading (a lot) classic literature, science fiction, fantasy, and history. She has a degree in neuroscience and loves all things brainy, though she has yet to try the Serbian pork brain recipe she found.

The Epsilons mostly help by trying to destroy everything The Missus draws, and using Dr. Dilts as a jungle gym.

  1. The famous mathematician Paul Erdős was fond of calling children epsilons. In math, epsilon usually represents some conveniently small number.